Full Elon Musk transcript about SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5


“It’s really designed like a commercial airliner, relative to, say, a general aviation aircraft. Getting all those details right is massively difficult.”

“If aircraft were not reusable and you needed a new one for every flight, then each ticket would cost millions of dollars, at least. One way. And you’d need two for a two-way trip. And almost no one would be able to afford to fly. And that’s the situation with expendable rockets today. And what happens once you achieve reusability, then tickets can go from a million dollars, to a few thousand dollars, or a few hundred dollars for short trips. And then fundamentally spaceflight will be open to almost anyone, just as air flight is.”

“I think the general sentiment will change from being, from feeling like a flown rocket is scary to feeling like an un-flown rocket is scary. Just like, would you rather fly in an aircraft that’s never had a test flight before? Or would you rather fly in an aircraft that’s flown many times successfully? I think that’s, certainly for — I’m a pilot, and I’ve flown a lot of aircraft, and I’ve read about aircraft design — I definitely would far prefer to fly in an aircraft that’s flown many times successfully than one that has never flown. But really we completely have the opposite sentiment in rocket land. But I think that sentiment over time will change to the point that people will actually prefer to fly on a flight-proven rocket than one that has never flown.”

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