Tesla’s stock is too much of a battleground

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Tesla: “I think that Tesla’s just OK. It’s a battle between the longs and the shorts. I don’t like battlegrounds, therefore I’m going to have to avoid it. I don’t mean to dodge it, but that’s how I play it.”

Goldman Sachs: “I want you to take a longer-term view. I think it’s a long season for Goldman Sachs, but I like the stock very much.”

Service Corporation International: “Death and taxes, right? This company is finally back on track. It had been off track for a long time. If those who waited can stay in it, it’s up nicely this year. I think it can continue to go higher.”

AeroVironment: “I think that [CEO Wahid] Nawabi acquitted himself quite well and I think this is the opportunity to buy. I think the stock went up, frankly, because people were very excited about what happened on ‘Mad Money.’ I would like to be able to stay in it and buy more.”

Amarin: “That boat has left the dock. It’s too late. I would say ka-ching, ka-ching if I owned it lower, otherwise I say I think you just bought the top.”

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