Five Below Inc.: “We almost pulled the trigger and told the club that it was the right level to buy. I mean, this thing’s all the way down to $103. It is incredibly oversold. I like it here, just like I like some of the techs. I like that one.”

Splunk Inc.: “This is another one. This is a data center play. I can’t tell you when it’s going to bottom. I can tell you that it’s doing well, and that’s the problem in a bear market. The doing well does not translate to [a] stock going higher.”

Crown Castle Intl.: “The best one [in the 5G space] is Qualcomm. It’s got the same yield as Crown Castle. You do have a lot of volatility involving Apple. 5G, I think, is two years away. I’ve been trying to recommend Broadcom and Qualcomm, but I just can’t tell you to do it yet ’cause it’s too far.”

Square Inc.: “Here’s the problem with Square. This is, again, the thing that just drives me crazy. It is really good. It is doing well. But it’s up 78 percent. Twilio’s up 200 percent. As soon as you see these gains, people just can’t stop selling.”

3D Systems Corp.: “Didn’t like the quarter. Don’t buy. Not the one to be in.”

Dana Inc.: “That thing is down big. It’s down 50 percent. I would actually like to own one of these tech stocks that’s not doing badly that people think are doing badly because we’re in a bear market in tech.”

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.: “If you’re Vice President [Mike] Pence, you want to make it so that they’re not the biggest e-commerce play on the planet. You want to take them down. And that’s why I will recommend no Chinese stocks, because when you have a vice president [who] wants to take down the stock market in China, why should I recommend a Chinese stock?”

Coherus Biosciences Inc.: “The biosimilar market is too crowded. I’d rather be on the other side of the trade and be in the ones who make the original drugs.”

Snap Inc.: “Still too early to buy Snapchat.”

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