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Innovative companies have been some of the biggest winners when the stock market rises and it’s a theme that established names should take note of, Cramer said.

All of the major markets made gains during the session—the Dow Jones Industrial Average added about 148 points, the S&P 500 increased 0.7 percent to top 2,800, the Nasdaq closed up 0.7 percent—powered by the tech and semiconductor sectors.

Facebook, Google-parent Alphabet, and Amazon with their targeted ads have disrupted traditional advertising and ad-supported media, which is getting behind subscription models and paywalls, Cramer said. Financial technology stocks like Visa, PayPal, and Square, among others, are changing the way people bank and manage their money, he added.

“Trying to reinvent your business has its risks, but standing still may be an even dicier proposition,” the host said. “You either disrupt or you get disrupted—the companies that do nothing have the stocks that should be sold.”

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